ImPACT Test-Concussion Protocol

ImPACT Test Concussion Management Program: For 12U and older Wizards Players only.

The Wonderland Wizards have contracted ImPACT Applications, Inc. to provide a Concussion Management Program, which has an online tool to establish a baseline for the Concussion Management Program—no cost to players. 

The ImPACT Test is a neuro-cognitive test that is one piece of the puzzle used to assess recovery from concussions and determine the timing of return to play. It should only be used as a tool and not be the only deciding factor in returning a concussed athlete to play. It provides objective data and prevents athletes who hide their symptoms from returning to play before fully recovering.

The test should be taken annually so that the baseline most accurately reflects the athlete's cognitive function. The test takes about 30 mins and must be completed in one sitting, with no pauses or breaks.

Wizards' Customer ID Code: 2U7ESA8VDP

Once you have finished the test, please let your Team Manager know the date.

In the event of a head injury, a baseline concussion test can help medical professionals detect whether a concussion has occurred, the severity of the injury, and when play can safely be resumed. 

PLEASE NOTE If a player has established a baseline after April 1, 2023, with another sports organization or school, that testing will suffice for the upcoming hockey season. Please give the date to your Team Manager when they took the test for their records so we know that all your players have something on file.

Please read the general information before launching the test:


Any athlete held out for concussion evaluation or diagnosed with a concussion must provide a written "USAH Return to Play Form" from a qualified medical professional affiliate in CT (Physician, Physician" s Assistant, Advanced Practice Registered nurse, and APRN, Certified Athletic Trainer) allowing them to return to any training, practice, or game activity with no restrictions. 

The parent/guardian must sign and return the form to your Team Manager.

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