Scoresheet/Division Directors

Penalty Durations

Sept 24, 2023-Referee-In Chief Notes

Confirming that the penalty durations put in place for the 2022-2023 season are still in effect for the 2023-2024 season:

Period Length

12mins or less

More than 12mins, less than 17 mins

17 mins or more














Below is the CHC policy for sending scoresheets to your CHC Division Director. Remember to collect the scoresheets after all games/tournaments and keep them in your team's binder for the year.

8U - 14U Youth and 8U -19U Girls

Scoresheets are to be submitted to the appropriate Division Director per the following requirements

This applies to all teams 

Within two days of the game:

a.   Scoresheets are to be submitted by the winning team or the home team if there is a tie. (Note: All Mite cross-ice scoresheets are to be submitted by the home team regardless of the outcome).

 Three choices for submission:

a.   Email of a scanned original.

b.   Email a cell phone photo of the original. (Note: Texting photos of scoresheets will not be accepted. Typically, cell phones re-size (reduce) photo sizes for texting purposes to reduce a person's data usage resulting in a scoresheet that's not legible).

Things to keep in mind:

  • All email submissions must be clear/legible and full-size
  • A Division Director may request a re-scan or an original if necessary to resolve any confusion or discrepancy.

Division Director's Email

8U Director   Dave Fritz

10U Director  Matt Dutton

12U Director  Sarah Waddle

14U Director & T2 Dave Fritz

The white sheet must be completed properly. Please make sure scoresheets are complete per the above link and that they are submitted to the appropriate Division Director. 

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to forward this information to all coaches and team managers to avoid any issue with your game sheets counting towards State rankings.

NOTE: Game sheets not submitted by Tuesday at midnight will not count toward rankings or the CHC minimum 20-game requirement to participate in States.

T1 and T2 TEAMS-See declaration rules for more details

Game sheets for all Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams, including non-league games, will be submitted to CHC. 

League games and games vs. CHC Opponents 

All CHC league games will use the Game Sheet program for electronically scored games. There’s no need to submit these game sheets. 

Games vs. Non-CHC Opponents 

  • Each team will submit all their own scoresheets via email by Tuesday at midnight after the game completion to (Tier 2 Youth Director Dave Fritz's email above)
  • Game sheets should be submitted as either a PDF or jPEG and must be clear and legible. 
  • Game sheet labels are required on ALL SCORESHEETS and must include all coaches on the bench and their CEP number and level. Labels should be listed in order of player’s last name. 
  • For Tier 1 and Tier 2 Midget teams, one of the coaches must initial (LEGIBLY) each game sheet label (all three or four copies) to confirm players and coaches are appropriately crossed out if not in attendance. 
  • Game sheets must clearly have a date, rink, and both opponents listed on all copies. 
  • Game sheets without this information or illegible will be rejected. 
  • Game sheets not submitted by Tuesday at midnight will not count toward standings or the team’s 20/10 rule / 10/5 rule. 
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