Student Coaches


The information below was obtained from USA Hockey and enhanced for WYHA.

The Student Coach Model Form should be downloaded, printed and filled out for EVERY Student Coach. The form, once filled out, is submitted to the Wizards CHC Rep

Only after the CHC Rep receive/Board approves the form can the Student Coach begin helping with the Team.

Student Coaches will be added to the team's USA Hockey roster and thus must meet the Student Coach requirements and be rostered on a Wizards Team.

A WWYHA Student Coach is a player between the ages of 15 and 17 who is registered with USA Hockey and rostered on a current WWYHA U16 or U18 team. Players may serve as a student coach under the following conditions:

Must attend a training session. WWYHA recommends the Head Coach of the team where the Student Coach is assisting review the USAH Student Coach Presentation to fulfill the training requirement. 

Student Coaches do not need to complete background screening until they reach the age of 18, nor are they eligible to attend CEP courses.

Student Coaches must always be under the supervision of a trained and screened adult Head or Assistant Coach during all practices, clinics, tryouts, and in the locker room. Student Coaches may not act as the Head Coach or Assistant Coach during practices or games and are never to be left alone with younger players in the locker room.

Student Coaches may not play during scrimmages or games for the younger team, no matter how informal the game is. An older, stronger player with higher skills represents an injury hazard to the younger players.

Student Coaches must wear a helmet with a full face shield while on the bench during games. Student Coaches do count as one of the four maximum Coaches allowed on the bench during games.

The team or beginner program using the student coach must properly fill out the Student Coach form indicating on what team he/she is participating as a student coach and, if applicable, what team he/she is registered/rostered as a player. Obtain the Student Coach Form and return it to the Wizards CHC Rep for Board approval.

Upon reaching the age of 18, the student coach must comply with all USA Hockey coaching and screening rules and regulations.

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