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ImPACT Test Concussion Management Program- 12U,14U, 15U, and 16U Wizards Players 2020 Season

The Wonderland Wizards have contracted ImPACT Applications, Inc. to provide a Concussion Management Program which has an online tool to establish a baseline for the Concussion Management Program.


The ImPACT Test is a neuro-cognitive test that is one piece of the puzzle used in assessing recovery from concussions and determining the timing of return to play. It should only be used as a tool, and should not be the only deciding factor in returning a concussed athlete to play. It provides objective data and prevents athletes who hide their symptoms from returning to play before they are fully recovered.


Here is what you need to do:
1. Carefully read the information available through the following link:   General Information Pertaining to the ImPACT test.

2. Go to http://www.impacttestonline.com/testing to begin. The Wizards' Customer ID Code:  2U7ESA8VDP

3. Start the ImPACT test. Players, please check the box for Ice Hockey as your sport. The test takes about 30mins. Once you start the test you need to complete it. There is no pause and return later.

The ImPACT Test is used by the NFL, NHL, and other professional sports organizations. It is used by many universities and is now recommended by some states for high school students. This test is recommended by the CIAC in Connecticut to be used as a baseline in Connecticut high schools.
Player safety is the top priority of USA Hockey. Updates have been made to the Concussion Management Program.
Any athlete held out for concussion evaluation or who has been diagnosed with a concussion must provide a written Return to Play form from a qualified medical provider, allowing them to return to any training, practice, or game activity with no restrictions. NO EXCEPTION!  Please see your Team Manager or Head Coach to obtain a copy of the form. 



For additional information on concussions or the ImPACT Test, visit: