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 2019 – 2020 Wonderland Wizards Travel Team Tryout Procedure
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Tryouts for travel teams for the 2019-2020 season will be conducted at the conclusion of the current season.  Specific tryout times are posted on the Wonderland Wizards website.  

The Committee will not be responsible for any player evaluations, rather they are responsible for making sure the following policies and procedures are adhered to so that the process is fair to all.

The Committee will select the Evaluation Team, which will be comprised of independent evaluators and members of the Wizards certified coaching staff.
The Head Coach for the “A” and “A-1” teams at the Squirt, PeeWee and Bantam level, as well as the Head Coach for the Mite A teams, will be named prior to the tryouts. The Head Coach for the other teams will be named by the Coaching Committee and Executive Board, once the team is selected.
The Wizards anticipate having two (2) Mite travel teams, three (3) Squirt travel teams, four (4) PeeWee travel teams, and three (3) Bantam travel teams. A fourth Bantam team may be selected based upon the numbers of players trying out. The Head Coach of these teams will be named by the Coaching Committee and Executive Board once the team is selected.
The Head Coach of the “A” and “A-1” teams will be responsible for selection of their respective team. They will receive and review the input provided by the other members of the Evaluation Team.
Additionally, the Head Coach of the “A” team will also lead the selection of the remaining teams at their particular level.
Team selection will be based on a player’s performance at all of the scheduled tryouts for that level.  Being absent from a tryout session(s) could impact a player’s team selection. Four (4) tryouts will be held at the Bantam, PeeWee and Squirt levels; three (3) tryouts will be held at the Mite level. Players must attend at least 3 of 4 sessions at the Squirt through Bantam levels and 2 of 3 at the Mite level.
The Coaches will advise the “on–ice” evaluators of the format & drills they want the players to follow during that particular tryout session.

Initially, tryout sessions will be divided alphabetically. Coaches can divide subsequent sessions at their discretion. Player numbers and the appropriate times will be posted on the Wizards website. Once the Head Coach of the “A” Team selects his team, shortly after the conclusion of the last tryout session, he will call selected players and provide specific information regarding the time frame to commit to that roster spot. Commitment meeting times and dates will be posted on the Wizards website as well. Once the A team roster is completed, the process will be repeated for the A1 and B teams, respectively.
At the designated commitment meeting, all players MUST bring a copy of their online registration confirmation (online registration located on Wizards website).  If you decide to pay online this year with a credit card, this confirmation page will also show proof of payment.  If you would like to pay with a check, you will still need to bring your online registration confirmation page but you will then make your payment at the commitment meeting.
This process and requirement will take place as subsequent teams are named and players are notified.
Travel Team players need to consider that in addition to the fee for the season, our teams will attend out of state tournaments that require each player to cover their own expenses (hotel, travel. etc)
The Wonderland Wizards Tryout Procedure was initiated by the Strategy & Policy Committee and was reviewed by members of the Executive Board.