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Wonderland Wizards 2022-2023 Tryout Policies & Procedures (Subject to Change)


2022 – 2023 Wonderland Wizards Youth Hockey Association (WWYHA) Squirts/Pee Wee/Bantam (U10 – U14) Travel Team Tryout Procedures

Wonderland Wizards Youth Hockey Association has House and Travel hockey teams that provide recreational and competitive sports play.


Wizard Travel Team Tryouts selection is conducted for the purpose of identifying players to add to the official roster for the 2022-2023 season. The goal of the tryout process is to place players on a travel team that is in line with their hockey skills and hockey sense. This will be based on a player’s performance at the scheduled tryout sessions for that level. Coach evaluations may also be considered.


The Wizards have multiple travel teams at various competitive levels. The Wonderland Wizard coaching staff will meet with each of their respective travel teams before the 2022-2023 hockey season and set the expectations for their teams with the goal of maximizing each player’s individual potential and assisting each player’s individual effort to take control of his/her personal development.  The coach will also set expectations for playing time with their teams. Our goal is for all players to get equal playing time, but at the higher competitive levels, there may be a few scenarios where this may not happen. Those expectations will be set by the coach upfront.


Travel Team players need to consider the commitments they are making to their teams.

  • All players will we be expected to attend practices and games. If your player will attend their travel hockey practices and games when they can make it, it is probably best for them to play in the Wizards House Program.
  • In addition to the fee for the season, our teams will attend tournaments which are not covered by the season fee, and will require each player to cover their own expenses (hotel, travel. etc.)
  • The travel season fee does cover the state tournaments.


We anticipate three (3) tryout sessions to be held at the Squirt U10, Pee Wee U12, and Bantam U14 levels, but this number is subject to change.

  • Being absent from a tryout session(s) could impact a player’s team selection.
  • Independent on-ice facilitators will be present on the ice during each tryout session. 
  • The coaches will advise the “on–ice” facilitators of the format & drills they want the players to follow during a particular tryout session.
  • One parent/guardian will be allowed to enter the facility with a Squirt U10 player ONLY, but will not be allowed in the ice rink.  No parents/guardians will be allowed in the facility for U12 and U14 tryouts. If your child cannot tie their skates at that level, you can tie them before they enter the rink.
  • No parents are permitted on the ice during the tryout sessions.
  • No parents or players are permitted to stand at the glass around the rink.
  • No parents are permitted to call a coach or evaluator during and after the tryouts to discuss their child’s tryout. For process questions, speak to registers table.
  • Please do not call Michael Ferguson or John Ferguson to ask to be placed on a team.  Players who do so will go to the bottom of the list if there are movements to open spots.
  • Note: The tryout fee DOES NOT get applied to the 2022-2023 TRAVEL hockey season fee.
  • If a player does not make a travel team, the tryout fee can be applied to their HOUSE hockey season fee.


The Wizards anticipate having the below following travel teams at the U10 through U14 level. Additional teams may be selected based upon the numbers of players trying out. As well, a reduction of teams may be decided if there are not enough players. Our goal is to provide as many players as possible with a chance to play and develop within the travel program. This will be communicated in a timely fashion during the tryout and selection process.

Four (4) Squirt U10 (2012-2013 Birth Years)

  • Squirt AA
  • Squirt A
  • Squirt A1
  • Squirt B
  • Squirt B1

Four (4) Pee Wee U12 (2010-2011 Birth Years)

  • Pee Wee AA
  • Pee Wee A
  • Pee Wee A1
  • Pee Wee B

Four (4) Bantam U14 (2008-2009 Birth Years)

  • Bantam AA
  • Bantam A
  • Bantam A1
  • Bantam B

Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam Tryout format:

  • Players will be assigned a session to attend on the first night.
  • Coaches will then divide subsequent sessions at their discretion.  Whether the sessions are divided up by player number or alphabetically, this information, and the session times will be posted on the Wizards website.
  • Players will not be allowed to attend a session other than the one they have been assigned to. If a situation comes up where a player cannot attend their designated session, a coaches’ approval is required to be able to attend a different session. 
  • All teams will be selected and notified within 5 days after the completion of tryouts.  (The head coach may also contact members of the team in addition to them receiving the email notification.)
  • Within the email notification, a date and time will be specified whereby the player must commit to that team via the online registration process, and pay their deposit.
  • Deposits will be accepted online only via credit card or eCheck. If you would like to pay cash please contact the Wizards treasurer: .  Cash payments must be received before the specified commitment date and time.  Failure to commit to that team (i.e., registering and paying the deposit by the specified date and time) will forfeit your spot on that team. 
  • There is a specific registration link for GOALIES, as they pay half price tuition.  Note: Any Squirt level goalie that wants to skate out must pay the full team fee.

Online USA Hockey registration is mandatory for all Wonderland Wizards Youth Hockey Association programs. 

Participants are to register online via the USA Hockey website at: www. usahockey.com.  This includes volunteers and managers. 

  • All Participant Members (players and coaches) will pay the USA Hockey Registration fee as determined by USA Hockey.
  • This registration and fee are annual requirements of USA Hockey.  For the 2022-2023 season, this registration must be completed on or after April 1st, 2022. It cannot be completed before that date or it will NOT apply to the 2022-2023 season, and will re-register you for the 2021-2022 season.

The WWYHA’s Registrar will create an official roster for each WWYHA travel hockey team. The players’ and coaches’ names will appear exactly as each have entered the information when registering for USA Hockey for the current season. 

Any player that was registered with another hockey program for the 2021-2022 season and now wishes to be put on a WWYHA official roster for the 2022-2023 season must be officially released from their former youth hockey program. If there are any pending financial obligations to any component of the former program, a player may not be released and put on a WWYHA roster until that financial obligation is satisfied.

Likewise, the WWYHA Registrar will not release any Wizard player to another hockey program if they have any pending financial obligation to any component of the WWYHA. Once this financial obligation has been satisfied, before the start of the 2022-2023 season, the WWYHA Registrar can release this player.