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8U Mite Cross Ice Game Format

2019-2020 Season

The Wonderland Wizards Youth Hockey Association will use the following format when hosting required CHC cross-ice games at the Mite A and B travel team level where possible.


  • Two half-ice games will be played concurrently.
  • Each team will be divided into two smaller teams, each having a goaltender.
  • Play will be 4 on 4 plus a goaltender.
  • There will be a 3:00 warm-up period with opposing teams in their respective zones.
  • Teams will play two (2), 20:00 mini games with 2:00 in between games (the home team will rotate opponents).
  • The scoreboard horn will sound every 2:00 to indicate a line change.
  • The clock will continue to run during changes.
  • Players for both teams will share the bench on their half of the ice.
  • Face offs will be used to start each game and following each goal.
  • No referees will be used. One coach from each team will manage the game in each zone.
  • A penalty shot will be awarded if a scoring chance is negated by a clear penalty (trip, etc.).
  • Penalties other then on a scoring chance will not be called but pointed out to the player by their coach.
  • No score will be kept.
  • At the end of the 2nd 20:00 minute period there will be a shootout with all goalies participating.


  • Four regulation sized nets. If 4 goalies are not available, we will use mini hockey goals without goalies where needed.
  • Borders to divide the ice at the center red line.
  • Scoreboard (for time only).
  • Blue pucks.

Score Sheets

  • Score sheets should be completed with roster game labels,indicating a 0-0 score and emailed to the CHC 8U Mite Director. All Mite cross-ice scoresheets are to be submitted by the home team  regardless.