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2020 – 2021 Wonderland Wizards Executive Committee
President: DJ Quinn
Vice President: Jon Dilley
Co-Treasurer:  Leah Cybart
Co-Treasurer: TBD
Secretary: Sarah Berges
Travel Registrar:  Meghan Laganza

2020 – 2021 Wonderland Wizards Board of Directors
Rink Liaison:  Lisa Fedick
Director of Coaching:  Shawn Ewald
Assistant Director of Coaching: John Ferguson
Assistant Director of Coaching: Chuck Wilkerson
Director of Scheduling: Deborah Jorgensen
Director of House Program:  Michael Ferguson
Director of Tournaments:  Paul Shimko
Director of Team Managers:  Lorraine Winslow
Director of Rules, Discipline, and Sportsmanship: Michael Cybart
Director of Communications:  Mark Jaworski
Director of Referees: Joe Micalizzi
CHC-Covid-19 Safety Representative:  Lorraine Winslow
Safe Sport Training Director:  Lorraine Winslow

Committee Members
Coaching Committee
Shawn Ewald, Michael Ferguson, Chuck Wilkerson 
 Travel Tryout Committee
Executive Committee

Wizards House Program Committee
Director:  Michael Ferguson
Scholarship Committee
Chad Jacobs Foundation Scholarship
WWYHA Scholarship
Committee Liaison:  Kelly Montanaro

Goalie Coach Committee
Bryan Bausick, TBD
Nominating Committee
Chuck Wilkerson

Banquet Committee Members
 Michael Ferguson, DJ Quinn, Lorraine Winslow

Team Schedulers/Managers
 Can be found on the Team Contacts tab